Replace Your Tooth To Max Out Your Diet

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As more science-based research is being performed today, we are learning about how important diet is to our overall well-being as a society. We now know that many “truths” we deeply believed in were absolutely false. On the flip side, we’ve also learned that some truths are just that – truth. For instance, eating smaller meals just makes it easier for your stomach to digest, and make the most from the food you ate.

We also know that your food needs to be ground down into a liquid form as well. When you grind your food down to a pulp, this allows the intestines to absorb the nutrients. There are two challenges with this finding. One is that a large majority of people do not chew their food past 15-20 times. This means people, for the most part, at least in the United States, are swallowing their food almost whole. The food sits like a lump in the stomach, and will not be processed to the fullest by the body. This means your body exerts precious energy trying to break this mass down to something manageable, only to have most of it work it’s way out the digestive system – with very little value added to the body.

However, even more worrisome, is that one of out of every three adults in the U.S. has a tooth missing. Whenever a person suffers the loss of a tooth, it puts all the teeth, on that part of the jaw, at risk. The reason is “shifting.” The teeth near the missing tooth start moving because there’s no structure in place, keeping them all rooted down. There are many ways to make sure this doesn’t happen, but by far, the best solution is the dental implant.

Dental implants are the closest thing to have a replacement tooth put into place. With dental implants, you can do everything you could do with a real tooth. You can even floss around the tooth as well. And unlike a real tooth, you never get a cavity with an implant – in some respects, it’s even better! So to that end, if you are looking to make the most of your diet, then first you need to grind your food down to a pulp, and if you cannot, then you want to remedy that situation as fast as possible with some form of dentistry.

As a side note, implants used to be seen as “cosmetic,” but since this new research has made itself available, many insurances are starting to carry it as one of the procedures they cover; so definitely look into it first before making a decision. we would like to thank the folks at Sound Nutritional Science for allowing us to post an article on their website, and promote our own as well. If you are the New York city area, then make sure to visit the Tooth Implant Pros of Queens to have your implant placed the right way.